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The Season for Goodbyes Parties Begins Soon

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  1. Catherine says:

    Thank you fir sharing Inez. You gave a great overview about Imffa and how it supports you during your time in DC. I guess a lot of us can relate to your experience!

  2. Veronica Murphy says:

    Inez, you look fabulous and good luck with your trip back to your homeland, Without a doubt it was wonderful to have worked with you , my gosh I so remember the TSP amongst other things, you left great notes for IMFFA to follow. Greetings from our Island in the Indian Ocean, rest assured if you do not have a job, you struggle here to keep the brain alive…but I have met a superb group of ladies who have taught me so much , there is a wealth of cultures of religions and traditions to explore before Peter retires..hugs Veronica, … you have spurred me on to write to John,,,

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