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  1. Yumi says:

    I love Capital BikeShare (CaBi)! A very easy way to make small trips around DC! (Just to clarify the text above: the CaBi is more sensible for trips LESS THAN 30 minutes, or just find a dock and take out a new bike to continue your trip and refreshing your running time. ) The CaBi user surveys are really taken into consideration, and they are expanding the service throughout DC. Keep in mind, however, that during rush hours, they are also just as crowded, and you’ll have to plan accordingly if your departure station has no more bikes, or your destination station (dock) is too full. Make sure you download a free app (Spotcycle: Also, look into the benefits from the IMF, there is likely a considerable discount on the Annual CaBi membership for the employee, and the spouse can use the little key fob. The bikes also take a little getting used to since they are very heavy; make sure to adjust the seat for your comfort and to allow your toes to reach the ground. Happy Biking!

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